Our Members

Our community thrives on the sharing of ideas and resources that promote the growth, development, and advancement of Data Governance practices in Higher Education. Our members draw from 2-4 year public and private institutions both domestic and abroad. Although the majority of our memberships consist of academic institutions, we also have members from state systems and professional organizations, companies, and facilities. Since our inception, we have grown to an organization of 300+ members across 8 countries.

Steering Committee

The HEDGe Steering Committee is made up of 12 members serving 6 basic functions. Each member will serve a 2-year term. Additional information about Steering Committee functions can be found in the charter linked below.

2020 Steering Committee Members

San Cannon, University of Rochester, HEDGe Co-chair
Beth Prince-Bradbury, Rochester Institute of Technology, HEDGe Co-chair
Adnan Ahmed, University of Calgary, HEDGe Professional Development Co-chair
Nadya Balabanova, Loyola Marymount University, HEDGe Outreach Chair
Melissa Barnett, Georgia State University, HEDGe Membership Co-chair
Eddie Bolden, Case Western University, HEDGe Professional Development Co-chair
Mike Ellison, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, HEDGe Communications Co-chair
Rachel Groenhout, University of Maine System, HEDGe Membership Co-chair
Kristina Harvey, Simon Fraser University, HEDGe Secretary
Marcela Hernandez, University of British Columbia, HEDGe Communications Co-chair
Meghal Parikh, Rollins College, HEDGe Outreach Co-chair
Casey Petroski, Lehigh University, HEDGe Curator

Privacy Policy

We are well aware of the concerns people have about the security of the information that organizations collect about them. To that end, we have drafted this privacy policy to ensure members (and prospective members) know how we will treat the data they share with us.

Charter and Code of Conduct

More information about who we are, how we are organized, and what we expect from our members can be found in our charter which was approved by the Steering Committee in September 2020.


Email: highereddatagovernance@gmail.com

Twitter: @he_dg_e

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